Saturday, 1 August 2015

On the Painting Tray: August 2015

Another Roman legion. Oh, and some bits for Willy: an Aventine nelly, some Celtic foot loons and a great big Celtic nut job and his chariot. I have no idea who made this one, but it's a cracker - more anon. Pictures of Claymore to follow, probably some time next week when I get my act together.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

The last of the Numidians, plus a bonus

Well, the last of the Numidians for a while:
Two command stands for all those light horse. Figs by Crusader Miniatures.
Standards taken from the Wargames Factory Numidian light infantry box.
These guys will soon be stepping out against the Romans in the campaign.
Here's hoping this is not the result! Wargames Factory plastics as casualties.
Plus an extra for a change. Quite a few years ago now I happened to be painting a Xyston 15mm Macedonian force for Mike at the Phoenix Club. I noticed that Xyston had just produced a very few 25mm personality figures, one of them being Alexander the Great. I finally got round to painting him after he languished in a box.
Nice to paint something slightly different for a change. I may give him away to some deserving participant at Hydaspes at Claymore in Edinburgh. We shall see.

I finally did a tally of my painting so far this year: 255 foot; 37 cavalry; 12 Battle Camels; and two Indian elephants with crew. Next up: more Romans, plus some bits and pieces for Willie.

Welcoming a Couple of New Names

William, and Ariel the Dark Viking (sort of!) - thanks to both for joining. I only saw your thumbnails once I got over all the Sertorian excitement...