Saturday, 18 June 2016

Campaign Events

Summer 107
The Ptolemies inflict a major defeat on the Parthians in Palmyra
The Teutones continue their migration, moving en masse into Arvernia
Jugurtha raids the Romans under Marius in Numidia

Autumn 107
Marius finishes off the Numidian army, but Jugurtha remains at large
The Ptolemaic Egyptians consolidate in Palmyra

Spring 106
An Indian army attacks the Parthians in Sind

New ancients blog

By Robert Heiligers, a prolific writer of articles for Slingshot:

The more the merrier!

Quick edit - thanks to Robert for following on here too!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Online library: resource for Roman history

Hi all, I've been looking for easily accessible information on the interrelationships between the Jugurthine War, the Cimbric migrations and the ongoing problems the Romans were having with the Scordisci and friends. Found this on the web:

There's quite a lot of other material on there too - might be of interest to someone?

The reason I was looking is because this is where we have got to with our ongoing campaign, with me umpiring and the guys in Glasgow playing the battles.

QUICK EDIT: I posted this link on the Society of Ancients forum, and the consensus there is that erenow is a form of internet 'privateering'. In other words, they'll post stuff, but if the author sees it and complains enough they'll take it down. Not quite piracy, but close...

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

On the painting tray: June 2016

Took these photos at the beginning of the month, but haven't had the time to post them:
Romans, always with the Romans...
Some more finished than others. This is the penultimate legion of my Companion Miniatures figures. Embossed shields courtesy of Happy Gordon in Newcastle-ish.

Sunday, 8 May 2016

More Roman casualties

This time with a twist, or rather a dial:
These bases are not quite as large as my home made ones, but they are of far better quality. Made by Warbases, they have numbers up to 12, and I reckon five of them will do for a legion; these are for my yellow shields legion of Gripping Beast figs. I just did my usual and put some Warlord plastics on them. My total for 2016 is now 250 foot, 20 mounted and a large Aventine nellie.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

On the Painting Tray: May 2015

Some casualty figures and the legate for the yellow legion I've just finished, plus the start of the next legion. The casualties are Warlord games plastics, on Warbases large round dials. These are not quite as large as my home-made ones, but are of much better professional quality, so should last for ever. The numbers on the dial go up to 12.

Saturday, 30 April 2016

Yellow Legion

The yellow refers to the shields, not the performance in combat. Although that remains to be seen:
Just a single photo for the moment. I'm still waiting for everything to settle down before I can properly organise any of my games stuff. This will take a while, but in the meantime I am still painting, although not as often as I would have liked. Usually too exhausted after a day at work to do much other than vegetate. So painting is now relegated to the weekends only. Still, these guys didn't take too long to finish. They are the last of a batch Roy gave to me, already with a base paint job on them, which has helped because it speeds things up. This is the second of my Gripping Beast legions, and I have painted them with plain yellow shields to complement their white compatriots. Officers and random guys are by a mix of manufacturers, including Navigator, Companion and, probably, Foundry. As with the previous lot, the bases are a bit thicker to compensate for the relatively small size and build of the minis; hopefully they won't look too out of place next to the likes of Companion Miniatures on the tabletop.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Sparker's Blog

Just came across this via a link on TMP. There is a very impressive Gallic cavalry assault on dastardly Romans at Alesia on there just now. Do have a look!

Friday, 1 April 2016

On the Painting Tray: April 2016

Finishing a second legion of Gripping Beast figures, courtesy of Roy. After that, I have two more Companion Miniatures legions to paint plus 18 cavalry. I acquired these as part of a swap with Gordon in Newcastle - he had extra command and the horsey guys. I am hoping that this will finish my Caesarean project, at least for the moment, although my painting speed at the moment makes it likely that it will be another few months before I get them all done - I'm aiming for the end of July.

Gaming itself is very rare at the moment. I have found a historical club in Cheltenham, but it's quite far away. So I'm saving myself for one-off occasions, and tomorrow will be the first time I make it to the Society of Ancients Battle Day in Bletchley for Pharsalus. If I can get to a decent-sized event say once every two months it'll keep me going. Apart from that, the plan is to have a large home office in the garden of our new house that's big enough to take a table tennis table comfortably. Move-in date is (hopefully) the middle of June...

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Another day, another legion

A couple of close-ups of the latest legion, courtesy of Roy. These are relatively small figures when compared with the likes of Companion, so I based them on 3mm thick bases instead of my usual 2mm. I think they are a mixture of Essex and Navigator Miniatures, which work well together. I gave them all Gripping Beast scuta and painted them dirty plain white, to make them stand out from other legions on the tabletop. I still don't have my gaming materials organised, since we are still in a rental property and most of my figs and terrain are in storage, but that won't stop me painting now and then. Work has been incredibly busy, but even so this year I have managed to complete 80 foot, 19 mounted and an unfeasibly large nellie with crew. The next legion will be more of the guys above but with yellow shields. That's the plan, anyway...

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

On the painting tray: March 2016

Almost nothing was achieved in February - working too hard and too knackered afterwards to do much. So I'm just starting a legion I was hoping to start a month ago. Onwards and upwards, as they say...

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Some Campaign Events

Autumn 108
Caepio attacks the Tigurini

Spring 107
Marius starts chasing Jugurtha
Ptolemies move an army from Alexandria to Coele Syria to face off against the Parthians, who now fully control Palmyra

Summer 107
Marius purchases Numidian auxiliaries

Ptolemies attack Parthians in Palmyra

So that's what's next - mediocre Ptolemaics against Parthians. Should be some fun for the guys in Glasgow...