Saturday 24 April 2010

Zama: The Romans Triumph

First photo: on the Roman right, the Triarii take care of the impudent City Militia. A lone unit of Hannibal's veterans charges the Principes. The next photo shows the situation at the other end of the field, where the veterans of Hannibal's campaigns line up against the weak Socii legion:
But it is all to no avail. The Carthaginian centre crumbles and the Triarii gang up on the lone veterans at the far end:
For Falkirk we will tweak the Roman pilum rules and upgrade the City Militia to Veteran, although still equipped as Medium Infantry. We want to get the game to a very close match when the Carthaginian third line goes in, so a couple of incremental improvements should help to do that. Let's see if Hannibal wins next time.
Thanks are due to Willy for the venue and hospitality, and to all of the players.

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