Thursday, 15 July 2010

Empire Campaign Turn 5, 310-300 BCE

In Turn 5, the following events occurred:

Iberia rebelled from Carthaginian control.
Carthage attacked the Romans in Southern Italy and was defeated.
Rome counterattacked Carthage in Sicily and was defeated.
The Macedonians were defeated at a river crossing in Persia.
The Persians were defeated in turn as they tried to hit back.

Everyone lost!

We rolled for events at the start of Turn 6, and Armenia has rebelled from Macedonian control.  Macedon goes first and strikes at the rebellion.  Now that Alexander's not so great empire is showing signs of unravelling, we are going to play this one as a Successor battle; the rebels will be Antigonid, and the Empire will use the Early Seleucid list with a twist: no elephants yet, because no one has reached anywhere near India!

This is how the map looks at the beginning of Turn 6:
Carthage has lost Iberia and has conquered Sicily.  Rome has control over Central and Southern Italia.  The Macedonians hold Macedon; Thrace; Asia; Pontus; and Mesopotamia.  The Persian rump is reduced to Persia and Parthia.


  1. Are you playing that game on Tuesday, Paul?

  2. Hi Ian, yes that's the plan; do you want to join in? I'm supplying the figures for both armies (I have a load of Successors). I've drawn up both lists and made a deployment plan for the defenders. I'll then let someone else deploy the attack, and I'll play a minor command on the attacking side. It seems the fairest thing to do since I built both armies.

    Hope this is making sense...

  3. Yeah, I'd love to join in, thanks! Especially as I have a Seleucid DBA army to paint, I'd like to see how yours looks and how it is used.

    Setup sounds fair enough, by the way!

  4. Hi Ian, sounds good to me. I'm trying to keep the campaign flowing. Not having any particular player playing a specified power is really helping, turning the game into much more of a sort of free-form narrative overall. It also works really well for the decent-sized multiplayer games. Whoever happens to be there on the night rolls/decides what happens next, as well as playing whichever side takes their fancy that night.

    See you next Tuesday.