Thursday 30 December 2010

Magnesia: Deployment Plan

This is the map I initially came up with for the Magnesia scenario.  At the top in blue are the Seleucids.  Their extreme right wing facing the river loop is covered by Dahae skirmishing horse archers and some camelry.  Next to them are the Agema and a load of Cataphracts.  Then it's some Galatian foot and the Argyraspides.  The centre is a huge, deep phalanx interspersed with some elephants, with more Galatian infantry at their extreme left.  The left flank has Hillmen Light Infantry linking the main infantry centre with the cavalry on the wing: more Cataphracts, a load of Galatian horse, and some lights at the extreme end.  In front of this wing are the scythed chariots.  Skirmish infantry screen the centre.

The Romans have their usual four legions, with the left flank resting on the river.  Then it's the Pergamenes: excellent quality Achaeans; elite lancers; heavy cavalry and then some good quality light horse at the extreme flank.  This wing is held back to give the skirmishers up front a chance to deal with the scythed chariots.

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