Saturday, 29 January 2011


Just wanted to say hello to the various folks who have decided to follow the blog, and thanks as well. Normally when someone joins as a follower I try to send a mail directly, or repay the compliment and join their blogs. This isn't always possible, though. Recently, I've also noticed that blogger jumps around a bit, and even though it tells me that someone else has joined, I can't tell who it is!

Gaming life is pretty slow at the moment, mainly because Christmas and New Year are followed in my family by kids' birthdays in January/February. I am still painting, though, and I have met my target of a dozen Republican Roman cavalry this month. I'll wait until I have another dozen painted the same way in February, and then post some pictures.  We're also continuing with the Empire campaign at the club, albeit in fits and starts due to my time being unpredictable. However, once things settle down again, we will be hitting the half way point and the first Victory Points calculation. Then we'll decide if we want to give it a break for a while, or keep going.

Cheers everyone, and thanks again!