Saturday, 2 July 2011

On the Painting Tray: July 2011

In June I managed a dozen Cataphracts plus the Surena figure.  This month I'd like to complete 30 Gallic/German cavalry I'm going to use as Galatians for Magnesia, but it will be a bit of a tall order.  Time will be scarce this month due to heavy work commitments.


  1. I've found my painting quote has been boosted a lot since I set myself the challenge of painting an average of a miniature a day over the course of each month. You should try it.

  2. Hi Brian, that's a good idea. In the past I've been able to manage around 50 foot or a couple of dozen cavalry figures in a a month, but it just seems a bit more difficult to keep going at that rate nowadays. Your suggestion is a bit more manageable!