Sunday 7 August 2011

Magnesia at Claymore

A few shots courtesy of Alan:
Above: the army deployments, Seleucids on the left and Romans on the right as you look at the photo.  Taken from the flank with the bit of river (the Roman left).  In the foreground the best of the Seleucid mounted troops led in person by Antiochus face off against a Latin legion.
Above: this one shows the legionary deployment, from the perspective of the left rear of the Roman army.  Each legion has two waves of 12 Velites, followed by two 24-figure units of Hastati, two 24-figure Principes units, and finally two 12-figure Triarii units.
Photo number three shows the deployment of the elephants between components of the phalanx in the Seleucid centre.
The Seleucid centre left, from a Roman's perspective.  The phalanx has a bunch of Galatians to its flank (on the right as you look at it), then loads of light infantry.  It's nice to get some closer shots of the units.
A shot showing more of the phalanx plus elephants.
A full table shot plus gamers.  In the right foreground you can see the scythed chariots having some limited success, which is a lot more than they usually manage. 
A column of Seleucid cataphracts threatens to break through (figs by Essex).  Taken from the viewpoint of some Achaean thureophoroi who are about to have a bad time - they are quaking just off camera at this point.
A nice close-up of the successful unit of Argyraspides, as opposed to the rubbish who were wiped out to a man.  These belong to Donald.
And a big thanks is also due to Jonathan for "distressing" the mats to make them look a lot more varied.


  1. !!!!!WOW!!!! Those are some impressive looking armies!!!
    I thought my roman army was big but that one is HUGE!! I need to get painting again :-D

  2. I was there but left before the end - what was the result? When I last saw it things weren't looking good for the Seleucid left wing.

    Douglas (Tantallon2)

  3. Hi Paul, you have loads of bods - I can't imagine how you manage to keep going at the rate you do.

    Hi Douglas, we called it a draw, but realistically the Romans were edging it. Two legions were really battered, but the Seleucids were close to breaking overall. Their left wing managed to hold off the Roman and Pergamene cavalry and the cataphracts destroyed Eumenes' lancers. After that, they were too far away from the action to intervene in the centre. Still, it was a much better showing than Antiochus managed...

  4. Very good looking game, enjoyed the day and your game was marked by it's sheer spectacle. That was a lot of figures well done to all concerned! Good to see the game progress during the day, but it was a lot of figures to move and try and play through at an event. Your rules sound interesting too, will keep a weather eye out.

  5. Fantastic looking game! Like Paul said, those armies are huge!! Cheers for the photo's!!

  6. Huge, very nice stuff, thanks for the pictures.

  7. That looks spectacular, Paul! Very impressive, indeed.

  8. Magnificent, Paul! Thanks for posting :)