Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Several Salvaged Spartiates

More than several, in fact 32:
Figures by Foundry
I've had them lying around for a while.  I originally got them from Eric at the club, and with the Society of Ancients battle being Platea in 2012, I thought it was time to sort them out a bit.
They already had a basic paint job, including the shields.  All I did was add new spears, ink wash and then touch up as usual.  A quick way to get some troops on the table.

I already have another 32 of the same figure.  The plan is to add a couple of command bases, and that will give me the two units of 36 Spartiates I need for Platea.  I'm thinking of Scarab Miniatures figs for the commands.

My by now traditional close-up, trying to make them look as mean and nasty as possible.
For the perioikoi at Platea I will use my unarmoured Spartans.  I need to use Testor's Dullcote on them and add some front rankers.  I already have some leftover figures from the Old Glory command pack, so if I purchase some Scarab Miniatures armoured hoplites I'll have two full units of 36 of these as well.  That takes care of the Lacedaemonian contingent for the exposed right flank command.  I already have the Athenians and Corinthians.  I could do some work on my Garrison Miniatures hoplites to round out all of the Greeks for both armies, but Simon and Willie should be able to provide those anyway.  That will leave me more time to paint up some Immortals and other Persians, and also produce the battlefield.  I have a particularly cunning plan for the terrain...


  1. This is where we fight, take from them everything and give nothing!!!! Haruh!! Haruh!!
    I like em...pose wise way better than the new Zvezda offering.

  2. Nice unit, I like the mass effect

  3. Very nice and always good to see some Spartans, as I have a soft spot for ancient Greece.

    The next issue of W.I is all about the period, so worth checking out.

  4. great wee unit well done and a great blog