Wednesday, 2 November 2011

On the painting tray: November 2011

This month I shall be mostly:

  • finishing a dozen slingers
  • reworking 24 Spartans Willie gave me.  This means I will have four full units of Spartiates and Perioikoi for Plataea
  • and, believe it or not, Anne Boleyn.
Explanation of the last item: I want to paint something for a friend of mine who happens to have a Renaissance interest.  A very long time ago I painted several of the more unusual items Airfix produced: some kits of birds and also some 1/12 scale people from history.  An English company called Kit Krazy is a good source for out of production kits of all kinds, and I bought an original Anne Boleyn model from them, still in the 1970s box and all.  This is a bit of a departure for me now, but I am looking forward to it.  I might even do a series of Work in Progress posts.  I'm just wondering if my 25mm painting skills are up to it.  Not to mention my ham fisted glue fingers...


  1. Looking forward to seeing how she turns outPaul!

  2. Anne Boleyn eh? That is unusual. Look forward to seeing it.

  3. Blimey!!! Kitkrazy do have a lot of old stuff!!! I look forward to your Anne

  4. Hi Paul, I thought someone might find the link useful.

  5. Will not a bad month's work, Paul! I'm sure you'll do a great job on Anne - so long as you don't lose your head ;-)


  6. Hi Aaron, good of you to drop by. I don't think I'll get all of these items finished this month. Work is very heavy right now, with no sign of letting up. Which is good in certain respects, just not from the point of view of painting time...