Sunday, 1 April 2012

On the Painting Tray: April 2012

I have a few unarmoured Persian spearmen to finish basing, and that will give me a unit of 36 Immortals for Plataea.  In March I managed (rather unexpectedly) to do quite a lot of work on an old 75mm Hoplite figure that Willie gave me, to use as an initiative marker in the Plataea game; I should be able to finish him too.  However, the main business is the battlefield itself.  It's going to be 12' by 6', with two muddy watercourses, a hill for the Spartans, and a chunk to represent Mount Cithaeron.  More anon, as and when bits are being constructed...


  1. Hi there. We had the Battle Day on Saturday - eleven games of Plataea! There was some good purpose-built terrain on show too. looking forward to seeing pics and hearing how your battle goes...


  2. Hi Richard, I'm glad it went well. It will be interesting to see the resulting articles in Slingshot, especially how folks interpreted the terrain. That's not usually something that bothers me, but since I'm making a new battlefield it will be good to compare.