Sunday 6 May 2012

Plataea at Carronade 2012

Some shots of the game sent in by Simon:
The Spartans were very aggressive in our game (commanded ably by Billy).  Here they are catching some of the Persian cavalry.
Above is a shot of the Tegeans from behind the Persian sparabara.  At the very top of this photo you can see the Corinthians marching to help as quickly as they can.
Photo number three shows the Athenians and Thebans in their grudge match.
Psiloi running away from the clash of Hoplites.
The photo above shows the Tegeans already in the fight (on the right as you look at it); the Conthians are about to join in.  Taken from directly behind the Greek centre.
More of the same.  Simon's and Donald's sparabara are resplendent behind their shields.
Finally, a view from behind the right of the Greek line.  In the foreground the Perioikoi have gone into the Immortals; at the top right is Mardonius with the Persian Guard Cavalry.  As commander of the Persian left, I managed to extricate the Guards before the Spartans attacked, thus avoiding the death of Mardonius.  Historical hindsight is definitely useful!


  1. A great table, sparabaras are really fine!

  2. Great photos, but I don't think they convey just how big the table was, nor how many figures were in use!

  3. A great looking game Paul, didn't get a chance for a chat but thought the game looked great. Definitely impressive game once again. Thought the cork tiles worked well.

  4. Lovely work, Paul. I also love the Sparabara.

  5. Lovely looking table Caliban. Look's like you all had a fine time.

  6. Paul,
    That was one great looking table the cork tiles really look the part!


  7. Thanks everybody. I have a few more photos to post, and I'm hoping that some of them show the overall size of it all.