Sunday 26 August 2012

Persian Infantry

Finally!  These guys are enjoyable to paint, but they do take a while:
48 Foundry Persian infantry, as seen from the front with shield barrier in place.
The front two ranks are spearmen, and the next four ranks are archers.
The side view gives a better idea of how I wanted them to look.
Eventually I'd like to have duplicate spearmen with large spara mantlet shields for the slightly later armies; that way the archers can double duty, and I won't have to paint so many figures to have both options.
I would like to expand to six of these units in addition to the Immortals, which should give me plenty for any Persian force.  They are very time consuming to paint, though, so I think this will be a case of  a unit or two every so often in between other projects.  The total for this year is now 275 25mm figs completed.  Now to get on with rebasing my 15mm Russian Napoleonics.  Shudder.  But it has to be done...


  1. Nice colors again, very well done!

  2. Nice looking unit and good luck on the re basing

  3. Very nice, Paul. That colour scheme is a corker, and I might have to steal if from you when it's time to do my own Persians!

  4. More grand looking Persians Paul. Nice.