Thursday 6 September 2012

On the Painting Tray: September 2012

Basing hell.  Also known as a desperate attempt to rebase hundreds of 15mm Russian infantry for Willy's big refight of Borodino on the 15th.  Which explains why I haven't even found the time to make this post until now.  I'm hoping to make time afterwards to take some representative photos, but for now it's out with the sharp implements and in with the glue...


  1. Picts or it didn´t happen...

    Even `work in progres´... or it didn´t happen.

    Cheers/ Jonas

  2. Someone once said "War is Hell!", but I think that basing should also be right up there. ;-)


  3. Thanks for the sympathy! I am in fact getting through it all a lot faster than I had anticipated. Having a deadline helps concentrate the mind...

  4. Please post pics of the big battle

  5. Will do, although it may take longer than I would like. House decorating...