Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Empire Campaign Events

Just completed Empire Turn 16, 200-190 BC.  Events round-up as follows:

  • The Indians take Parthia from the Bactrian Greeks, reducing the heirs of the Persian Empire to a single province in Persia proper.
  • Scipio attacks Hannibal in Iberia, and loses after a hard contest.
  • Successors: the Ptolemies attack the Macedonians in Asia Minor and are defeated.
  • Successors: The Macedonians attack the Ptolemies in Syria and are defeated.
  • Rome effortlessly puts down the abortive rebellion in Sicily.
  • Scipio almost entirely destroys Hannibal's army in Iberia.  Hannibal retires to Carthage.
  • Numidia declares for Rome and Scipio follows Hannibal to Carthage itself.  In a great battle, Rome is victorious and Carthage is destroyed as a major power.
The map now looks like this:

Note all that Roman red in the Western Mediterranean!  The first event of next turn is a rebellion in Greece, perhaps paving the way for Roman intervention...


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