Sunday, 17 March 2013

Hastings: Norman Commanders

Mostly by Crusader Miniatures:
A group of four to represent William the Lucky Bastard and some pals.
I can't decide which of them is the Duke, but then you can't really tell until he takes off his helmet.
His brother Odo (he's the one on the right as you look at it).  I don't know which manufacturer made this one; I bought him from Simon along with a load of foot and cavalry a long time ago.
I've touched up Simon's old paint job, especially the nicely hand painted shield.  Me, I stick with Little Big Men shield and banner transfers...
The third group will command the foot in the centre of the Norman army.
I made this another mounted base, because no Norman commander is going to get off his horse if he can help it.
Last, but not least, we have the Bretons.
The banners are large, so I ran some paint along the edges to try to weather them a bit and disguise my ham-fisted attempt to fit them properly.  I then sealed them with Dullcote to protect them.  It remains to be seen how they fight!


  1. Odo was made by Foundry. Their old Norman range.


  2. Great painting and very nice looking banners to boot! The figure with the club is usually supposed to be Odo if that helps any??

  3. Fabulous work on those, you must be very pleased. The mix of horses is fabulous.

  4. Nice work; I have Crusader Normans too - very nice models. The photography is also very nice. Best, Dean

  5. Very nice! Odo is a wargames foundry fig from back in the day

  6. Thanks for looking folks, and for the help with Odo. I didn't know he was an old Foundry figure.

  7. Paul beautiful figures mate. As for fighting with them, tire the enemy out with your foot (spearmen and archers), a few stinging attacks by your Bretons if you have them then the mailed wedges charge in!

  8. Hi Marcus, they squeaked a victory in our refight yesterday evening, but the attrition was horrendous. Harold went down fighting, and he took plenty of Normans with him! Thanks for looking.

  9. Great looking Norman figures, love the colours!