Saturday 27 April 2013

Thracian revolt crushed

On Tuesday, we played the latest in our Empire campaign: the Macedonians attacking Thrace.  It was one of the most gloriously satisfying massacres I have ever been handed - I lost in spectacular and hilarious fashion. Everything that could go wrong did do go wrong - commander killed, centre crushed and lots of Thracians wiped out.  There is something therapeutic about such a cleansing experience, especially when it's a relative sideshow in campaign terms. The outcome didn't bother any of us very much, but it was just great fun to play.  No photos, because time was tight and I didn't dig out the camera in advance.  Next up is scary: the Romans have finished with Carthage and have now landed in Greece, which has also rebelled from Macedonian control.  The Romans with Greek allies are about to meet a Macedonian field army, so the Macedonian Wars are about to begin in earnest...


  1. Sounds good Paul try and get some pics of that set up!

  2. Hi Willie, this one was at the club, where the lighting is variable, to say the least. We are going to play at least one large ancients game on the giant sand table this summer, though - probably a very large hoplite game. I'm thinking of 1st Mantinea. i'll definitely be taking photos of that one!