Tuesday, 2 July 2013

On the Painting Tray: July 2013

Half way through the loose order Caetrati for my Ancient Spanish army.  I dug out eighteen old Essex figs that need a re-paint to add to my heap of Companion Miniatures, giving me a total of 180 of these guys to paint.  I'm about half way there, which means that I'm on track for my estimated painting time of two months with this lot.  That will give me half of what I need for the Turdetani at Ilipa, with another 180 to follow afterwards.  After that it's holiday time and moving house, so August will be very busy...


  1. 2014? Are you having a vision of a year from now??? :-)

  2. Aaaaargh well spotted! Just edited it...

  3. Hi Paul, I managed to trade for a Companions Spanish army, and will hopefully, one day, find time to paint them.

    Did your mate find the Augustus and Pompey packs, please?

    Cheers, Simon

  4. Hi Simon, I'm hoping to buy the packs labelled as "Caesar" in August - from what you and Mike were saying on TMP, these are probably the Pompey packs, and there are quite a few of them - four, I think. There might only be the one for Augustus, but since this is not the first time some of the packs have been labelled incorrectly, the safest thing is to wait and see what is actually inside them when I get them!

    Good luck with the Spanish...