Thursday 12 September 2013

Indians Crush Persia (and a large map)

Just a short entry to remind myself of the game we played on Tuesday, mostly in semi-darkness due to the lighting at the club being on the blink.  So no photos then, which is a real shame - I remembered my camera this time because I really am determined to take better pictures of Simon's Indian army, but it was not to be.  Anyway, it was a game of two halves.  I was up against Simon, and Gordon faced off his part of the army against Billy.  I did very well indeed, or rather Simon did badly because of his dice; on the other wing, Gordon moved into position to crush Billy.  It looked as though we were going to walk it.  And then Billy started rolling dice and it was game over for us.  His guys were in a really bad mood.  Anyway, that means that the last remnants of Persia have now finally been removed from the map.  There are only two moves left in this turn, and then two more turns, so the campaign is mostly beginning to wind down.  The main area of action will be in and around Greece as the Macedonians and Romans come to blows...

After that, we'll do an Empire Victory Points calculation and move on.  I have a cunning plan for this:

This is a digital map of the Roman Empire and beyond that I found on a Total War forum.  I've completely recoloured it using MS Paint, the idea being to use it as an electronic resource for a more intensive campaign charting the end of the Roman Republic and onwards.  I'll also print off a large scale version for handy use at the club.  Do feel free to blag it if you like!  The plan is to colour in the borders between powers as they shift.  Once the Empire campaign is complete I'll update this map to reflect the position of the various states at that point, and we'll take it from there.  Might as well keep going now that we've started...


  1. How much longer do you expect the campaign to run - it isalready of epic proportions!

  2. Hi Dave, good of you to drop by. We don't really care how long it runs, I suppose, we're just having a good time using it as a battle generator. It's good to have a campaign feel to it, so that results matter on a wider scale. Most of us in our little group are pretty much dedicated ancients players, although we do have other intersets as well. Since most of our armies are in the classical period, we figured what the hell, let's just keep going...

    Mad, of course.