Saturday 8 February 2014

First Moves

This post is just a bit of a catch-up.  After the sweeping Roman victory on Tuesday, we rolled various events to begin the new campaign:

  • Rome starts the Third Punic War by trying to land an army from Sicily in North Africa, but the invasion fleet is scattered by severe storms.  The forces regroup for another try later.
  • The Roman army in Tarentum moves to Sicily to help support the Punic campaign.
  • The Ptolemaics advance into Galatia, which is owned by the Macedonians.
  • The Roman reserve army marches from Rome to Tarentum, to keep up the threat on the Macedonians - might as well take advantage of the fact that they are fighting on two fronts.
  • The Macedonians attack the Ptolemies in Galatia.
All of which means a lot of empty threats from Rome, with the Successor states getting stuck in as usual.  I am looking forward to a pike battle this time.  It has been a while, plus Simon has been busy painting thureophoroi and Gordon will be able to use his new Navigator Miniatures Macedonians.

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