Monday, 1 September 2014

On the Painting Tray: September 2014

One of Caesar's legions.  This one will have cloaks, but I'm painting them a different shade from the previous lot.  Basically, officers' will remain bright red, but the rank and file will have a deeper, crimson shade.  I don't want too much of the same thing; besides, if they are side by side on the table, the player will need some sort of visual clue about which legion is which.  There will be 80 figs plus a mounted legate.


  1. How many legions is that now? I have just finished the sixth Cohort of my second legion?

    1. Hi Graham, this will be my third. I've already finished the Alaudae plus one other elite legion with cloaks. I lost about a month of painting tome at the end of the summer. Too much going on, what with work in England, overseas visitors, and the kids going back to school. Things seem to be settling down again now, though. Incidentally, I hope you see this in time - no ancients game this evening, I'm afraid. Cancelled due to lurgi.