Saturday, 20 December 2014

Some smaller figure games

I haven't had a chance to post much over the last couple of weeks - too much work in the run up to the break. Here goes, though:
This is from two weeks ago. There is a short break in the campaign while we prepare for a very large game just before New Year. Hugh asked if anyone wanted to try L'Art de Guerre, a new French set of ancients rules, and brought in two of his lovely 15mm armies for a game of Alexander vs Indians. These are photos of his armies deploying and in action. I played the Indian left wing, and the photo above shows what I was facing: horse archers, skirmish bowmen and elite heavy lancers.
The Macedonian centre speaks for itself...
The Macedonian left flank: a mixture of troop types.
My command at the Indian left: some Persian type light horse with javelins, some Indian mediocre cavalry, and elite heavy chariots with general. Just out of shot to the right I had a couple of elephants.
Our centre: massed foot archers with some interspersed elephants.
Our right - kind of similar to my command. Almost all of the figures are by Xyston, one of the loveliest makes of 15mm.
Some of the action on my wing. I advance en masse while the enemy angles his lancers away from the elephants to take on my lancers. I was able to negate the enemy here and shift my elephants to threaten the flanks of the enemy infantry centre - they countered by turning the Hypaspists to face off against me.
At the same time, I played a 10mm American Civil War game against Gordon (Graham couldn't make it). I was the Confederates, defending against the Yankee horde. We used Gordon's home brew rules, which are fast and furious. My favourite troops are the South's cavalry, and the shot above shows a division of them comprising two brigades.
The whole field looked like this, taken from off to my right wing. My guys are on the left. You can see my cavalry at the very top left of the photo.
My only real success: my horse swept over the hill, deployed into line and caught the blue bellies in column. It took me a while, but eventually I forced them all to run off screaming. Shame about the rest of my forces...

First time I've ever hot-desked two wargames!


  1. Wow, beautiful armies! Love the Indian one...

    1. Cheers, Phil, I shall pass on your comment!

  2. The armies are indeed fantastic and Hugh should be congratualted, A lot of my 15mm figures are from long ago and Essex, but I have some Xyston and they are amazing!

    And what did you think of the rules?

    1. Hi Shaun, I quite liked them - sort of a cross between FOG and Armati. I would be tempted to use double-size units, though, in order to get a quicker resolution. Playing with one element = 1 unit seemed rather time-consuming. So I'd try them again, but with Impetus-sized bases...