Saturday 14 February 2015

Cavalry and Command for the Romans

Two units of twelve Roman cavalry, with a command stand in the middle. Figs are by Companion Miniatures.
As with the Spanish cavalry I painted from the same manufacturer, these are quite dynamic, so I put them on slightly deeper bases than usual.
The unit with the white shield designs has embossed shields that originally came with the foot command sets. I kept these and used them for some of the cavalry and the command base.
The ones with yellow are some LBMS transfers for Aventine Velites, on a mixture of shields with bosses and some without. It took me six weeks to paint these, much longer than I would normally take. Work has been really heavy since the winter break, so I don't usually have any energy left for painting on midweek evenings. I'm glad to get them finished!


  1. Well worth the wait. Very nice!

    I certainly understand the exhaustion at the end of a workday. Sometimes, I cannot find the energy to get down to the painting/game room all week.

    1. Hi Jonathan, thanks for looking - and for the empathy!

  2. Beautiful Roman cavalry, nice job!

  3. Lovely, impressive and inspiring!