Friday 1 May 2015

American Civil War in 28mm

A shot of Billy's lovely armies (by Redoubt) using his fast play home rules. He umpired while Malcolm played the Confederate right against Gordon on the Union left, and Graham played the Confederate left against me on the Union right. Photos are mostly taken from the Union perspective.
The extreme left of the Confederate army, in a field.
There centre, with some raiders off table.
Their right.
Our left rests on a nice safe hill.
Our centre left. Our task here is to advance and take the woods to the top left of the photo.
Our right (my guys); I have to hold the woods on our side of the table, at the top left of this photo.
A full side table shot of the initial deployments, from the far side of the field from my troops. Both armies comprised a corps, if I remember correctly, with two divisions each of four regiments plus support.
My guys occupy the woods I have to defend.
My extreme right takes a hammering.
A mid-game shot from off to my right, this time.

My extreme right was pretty much wiped out, but it took most of its opponents with it. I held the woods and Gordon stormed his objective. I think I won because I had no idea what I was doing! Billy supplied his famous caret tiles and scenery as well as the figures.

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