Thursday, 27 August 2015

Campaign Events

Autumn 110 BC:      Silanus returns to Rome to celebrate a triumph over the Germans and acquires the name Cimbricus as his troops return to Macedonia. Due to his victory, he becomes quite the celebrity, although not perhaps entirely for noble reasons. As a member of a loose grouping of elitist senators who have quickly become known as the Optimates, his attitude to the people in general is rather questionable. He did make some favourable remarks during his battle in Noricum about the Socii, but these are being re-interpreted in the feverish heat of Rome as really just self-interest because he owns large estates outside Rome proper. It would appear that nothing is straightforward any more in Roman politics.

Spring 109 BC:          Another Germanic tribe, the Teutones, briefly appear in Rhaetia and then move on to Sequania in Gallia; presumably they have been scared off by Silanus' victory. Meanwhile the Cimbri retire to the High Alps to lick their wounds. The German threat is in abeyance, but for how long? Elsewhere, Metellus, tasked with dealing with Jugurtha, finally lands in Tripolitania. Metellus doesn't seem to be in much of a hurry.

Summer 109 BC: Perhaps further provoked by the Cimbric migration, another Illyrian force descends on Macedonia, and is confronted by the legions previously led by Silanus against the Germans, who also destroyed the previous Illyrian incursion. This will be the next campaign battle. I will draw up the army lists and terrain, and send them electronically to the guys at the club, who will then play the tabletop encounter. That way we can keep the campaign moving along electronically, although I'll have to rely on them to provide me with battle reports and photos for the blog. 

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