Saturday 23 January 2016

A Bit of an Update

Things are not exactly back to normal after the house move. No gaming - not that I have time at the moment anyway - and nowhere to take decent posed photos. However, I have managed to keep painting, and now that the we have temporarily settled in to a rental property my output is picking up again.

First up: Caesar's legions.
I managed to dig out my little portable studio to take some shots. These are not the greatest, but they'll do, and they are certainly better than nothing. Above is the second legion I have completed since coming to Cheltenham. I finished this lot plus some casualties before the end of last year, but I have now been able to catch up with the piccies. Figures are mostly by Foundry, I think, with a good few Companion Miniatures thrown in. This is the first completed batch from the figures Roy kindly gave me when I arrived here. I was able to finish them reasonably quickly because they had mostly been well painted by somebody else previously.
Here they are in march column with their friends from the other legion I have managed to paint while starting the job here. This lot brought my total for 2015 to 433 infantry; 39 guys on horses; 12 guys on camels; and 2 Indian elephants with crews.
Next up is an army command base with that nasty man Gaius Julius Caesar, accompanied by a couple of standard bearers. This is the first thing I've finished in 2016. The man himself is by Companion Miniatures, the other two are from a command set by 1st Corps.
A slightly different view. Shield transfers are as usual by Little Big Men, taken from their legionary command sheet.
I decided to use two different standards just because.
And here he is on his own. When I bought the figures from Dougie back in Glasgow a while ago, there were quite a few Caesar command packs.
 Five in total. So I painted them all, putting one on the base with the standard bearers, and leaving the other four as singles.
I tried to make them as identical as possible. I have no idea what to do with the extras - possibly pass them onto a deserving gamer or something. There is such a thing as too many Caesars.
I have also finished some figures that were interrupted while I moved. These are Aventine Parthians, painted for Willy.
He wanted them based in closer formation than usual.
I went with quite a range of brighter colours (mostly), but no clothing designs. These are not meant to be the cream of the army.
Anyway, Aventine are always a joy to paint...
...and I had a lot of fun with their Successor state elephant, again for Willy.
I used VVV transfers for the blankie, applying them before the ink wash stage. I learned with the Indian elephants I painted last year that the transfers can look too pristine if left until last, so I decided to mucky them up a bit to make them fit better with the overall look. They were highlighted again along with the rest of the model at the end.
I decided that the tower would probably have been built from leather or wicker type material, held together by wood, so I painted that accordingly.
Shied transfers again by LBMS. This was real fun to paint.

And that's it so far, all up to date. The next thing I have to do is some work on the campaign so that the guys in Glasgow can play another battle...


  1. Excellent job, love the Aventine Parthians and this amazing elephant!

  2. Beautiful! That elephant is fantastic!

  3. Hi both, thanks for looking!

  4. Fantastic Romans and that elie is superb too! Well done as always.

    1. Hi Dean, it's always good to hear from you

  5. Paul,

    Beautifully done. I love your bronze armor. Would you mind revealing how you paint your bronze?



  6. Hi Bill, thanks for looking, and for asking! My bronze comes in three stages:

    Basecoat of quite a deep bronze. The one I use is a heavy body liquitex artist's acrylic.

    Next comes an ink wash: Daler Rowney Antelope Brown diluted 50% with water.

    Finally, a light dry brush and very light wet touch-up with a light gold, again artist's acrylic (Winsor & Newton).

    I almost always use artist's acrylics because they are usually really good quality, and even though they come in tubes they work out a lot cheaper than hobby paints. Plus they last for ever, and that matters for painting loads of figures. The same goes for the inks - they seem expensive, but actually they are nowhere near as costly as, say army painter products.

    Besides, I'm Scottish, so cheap really appeals!

  7. Thank you for the paint tips. My heritage is Scottish too so I can relate to cheap!

    The only problem I have had with artist's acrylics is that they tend to be gloss or semi-gloss. Of course with metallics that is an asset.

  8. Lovely Romans, Parthians and Successor elephant!

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    1. Cheers, Jonathan, it's good to hear from you