Friday, 1 April 2016

On the Painting Tray: April 2016

Finishing a second legion of Gripping Beast figures, courtesy of Roy. After that, I have two more Companion Miniatures legions to paint plus 18 cavalry. I acquired these as part of a swap with Gordon in Newcastle - he had extra command and the horsey guys. I am hoping that this will finish my Caesarean project, at least for the moment, although my painting speed at the moment makes it likely that it will be another few months before I get them all done - I'm aiming for the end of July.

Gaming itself is very rare at the moment. I have found a historical club in Cheltenham, but it's quite far away. So I'm saving myself for one-off occasions, and tomorrow will be the first time I make it to the Society of Ancients Battle Day in Bletchley for Pharsalus. If I can get to a decent-sized event say once every two months it'll keep me going. Apart from that, the plan is to have a large home office in the garden of our new house that's big enough to take a table tennis table comfortably. Move-in date is (hopefully) the middle of June...


  1. You'll be looking forward to the new place I image!

    1. Hi Aaron, the idea is to have a collapsible table that can be used for games as well as work stuff. Apart from that all I'll need is some shelving for the wee men - thinking of glass-fronted CD cabinets. Definitely looking forward to it...