Saturday, 25 February 2017

The last of the Numidian foot

...well, until I end up organising Juba's legions, that is. These are the last of the current batch of North Africans, another couple of 18-figure units for the final confrontation between Jugurtha and Bacchus on the one hand, and Marius and Sulla on the other:
These are by Crusader Miniatures, deployed as loose formation foot for those patches of scrub and rough ground that Romans don't like.
I painted them in dirty whites and other colours.
The picture above shows the mixture.
I did enjoy the random shields. Nice and easy to paint.


  1. Good work on the Numidians! Two, eighteen figure units is a lot to tackle at once.

  2. Impressive unit, very very nicely done, love the 'random shields' and your bases!

  3. Nice job on the varied shields and tunics