Sunday, 23 April 2017

Persian against Other Persians

Gordon sent me piccies and a short report of a Persian civil war that took place in Glasgow a couple of months ago. Time to put them on here:

2000 pts is a lot of Persians. I had 90 colonists, 72 other HC, 84 LC, 72 infantry and 40 skirmishers. As the legitimists to Simon's rebels, the armies lined up as follows:

On my left lots of SI bow then 6x8 fig LC in the first line and 4 x18 colonist columns in the second with a 16 fig colonist and and 18 fig persian HC in line. Then another LC and a gap to three widely spaced 24 fig hoplites (2 in column and the elites in line)

Facing the cavalry the rebels had 6 x 8 scythian horse archers backed by 3 x 12 LI hillmen and 2 HC units then there was scythed chariots and in the centre 48 kadakes, 48 elite hoplites and 48 kardakes. 

My right had 2 x 18 HC persians 16 armoured cavalry and a further 18 heavies with 3 x 8 scythians on the flank. I kept 12 HC elites at the back. 

The rebels faced these with 2 armoured HC units to the right of the kardakes and then columns of colonists.

Three shots of army deployments.

A couple of ground level shots.

Both sides advanced except for my foot which sensibly hung back. I intended to shoot up the Scythians and then finish them off with my LC before performing a giant Austerlitz type wheel with the colonists. I couldn't hit a thing and the LC became embroiled in lengthy melees. The weight on this wing did eventually destroy the forces opposing them but the rebels had held up a large part of my army with a smaller part of their own. Things went disastrously for Simon on my right where my horse swept all before it as his morale collapsed and my dice tore holes in his units. In the centre this infantry had all of mine on the brink. However I had kept a unit of colonists back and it wheeled onto the end of the infantry (passing a missile halt test in so doing). The break of the end Kardakes unit took the rebels above their break point and the failure of morale of the elite hoplites removed any chance of a draw.

Finally, three action shots of the game in progress:

It's always good to see the Persians in action!


  1. Great looking fratricidal battle, sounds beautiful...and bloody!

  2. Impressive looking game, always good to see Persians in action!