Thursday, 25 May 2017

First two German Warbands

Finished two 48-figure units, the first of the ancient Germans. Figures by Old Glory. These will do for the Cimbric Migrations right through to the Marcomannic Wars, so pretty much three centuries then.
The intention was to make them look appropriately wild, helped by the variety of poses, clothing, shields and weapons.
Shields are a mixture of various types of transfers and basic hand-painted jobs.
For those with clothing (!) the colours are mostly muted, natural ones. Richer folks sometimes have posher dyes and some even have cloaks and/or swords.
This is what they should look like to their own general - moving away towards the opposition as fast as they can.
The last one is a bit blurry, but I hope it shows the basing style.


  1. Such productivity and such color!
    Well done!

  2. They look superb and undisciplined...what a wonderful warband!

  3. Fine looking, big units!

  4. Just as you'd imagine Germans should be!

    1. Thanks, Aaron, that makes me feel all warm inside!

  5. I love German warbands, no uniforms, no set palette, and if figs allow lots of varients, right up my street...keep them coming!

  6. Nice dynamic and colourful Germans and even better to be able to use them over such a wide period of time!
    Best Iain