Monday, 27 September 2021

Fighters and missiles - oh my

 Missiles from Shapeways, mounted on number counters to show how many:

Drone missiles play a large part in Star Fleet Battles, especially the Kzinti, so here's my solution. I also thought about doing the same thing with fighter squadrons, but decided not to:

I just like the look of lots of fighters all together. These ones are from The Plastic Soldier Company's Red Alert game; I purchased a few extra to produce two twelve-fighter squadrons. The raised detail makes them quite nice to paint, and I have opted for the scheme of white on blue that Federation and Empire uses for neutrals. The sort of square section at the rear of the fighters just before the engines came with a sort of dome thing that just looked odd, so I sliced them off. They could work for a sensor dome or maybe a droid like R2D2, I suppose; I just prefer the cleaner look.

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