Tuesday 26 May 2009


We finally got some sunshine in Scotland! So I took advantage of it to photograph some Gripping Beast Sassanians. I think that taking pictures outside makes the figures look more as they do on the table - no artificial lighting needed.
These guys are those usually described as "Clibanarii" in wargames rules, the bulk of the army's heavy cavalry archers.
As usual, the transfers are from Little Big Men Studios. They can be a bit fiddly, but once you're used to them they go on reasonably well, and the end product is well worth taking the trouble. The fact that they are in full colour really does make them stand out.
I tend to vary the armour colours, alternating between bronze and gun metal type shades. There can be quite a few of these figures in an army, so I want as much variation as I can manage.
I tried to make the caparisons interesting by painting borders and such on to them. I didn't want anything too complicated or multi-coloured. I paint for tabletop unit effect, and I find that bold, simple designs such as the triangles on the figure at top left are more than adequate.
The same goes for the yellow designs in the shot above. I like these figures a lot...

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