Sunday 10 May 2009

The Granary at Aspern-Essling

This the first in a series of very occasional terrain or scenery pieces. They are not something I make or paint frequently at all, and when I do end up with them it tends to be a job I've agreed to do for somebody else. In this case, it's the granary at Aspern-Essling in 15mm, which I have just finished for Willie at the Phoenix Club, he of the unfeasibly large shed. The first four shots are of the basic paint job, along with the detailing on the doors and windows:

They're not great photos, but they give an idea of the basic technique I use, which is to basecoat a shade below the final colour. Hardly a new idea, I know, but I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out in the end. The piece is well detailed, and I hadn't realised how much work would be involved. The next four shots are of the finished item, after varnishing:

I hope these give some indication of the difference between the first coat and the top coat. I must admit that I do find taking photos of buildings even more difficult than figures. I can manage the small people okay, at least in 25mm. I haven't tried 15mm yet! In the future, I may also fiddle around with a different photo editor so as to get a better result, but my main interest here is in documenting for myself (if nobody else...) the stages in the paint job so that I remember how to do it again next time around! I'm pleased with how it looks in real life. I have no idea where Willie got the model!

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