Saturday 15 August 2009

Clan Unicorn: Heroes

I still don't know anything about Clan Wars, apart from some vague impressions of the background garnered from those who play this sort of thing. It seems quite reasonable as a fantasy background, but personally if I am going to play something like this, I'll stick to role-playing Bushido. The Clan Wars miniature rules are too complex for my taste, although I do know people who play all of the associated games, including the collectible cards. It is rather strange: I'm a gamer, but there are certain types of games that just do not grab me. Collectible card games is one; so is live role-playing. Perhaps it's something to do with available time: I'm sticking mostly to 25mm ancients/medievals and 15mm Napoleonics because there is plenty to do there already. I need new projects/periods like a hole in the head...

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