Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Later Pontic versus Caesarean Roman

Yesterday was a reprise of a game we have tried before. As the Pontics, we had a powerful left cavalry wing (my command); a centre composed of large blocks of imitation legionaries and Galatian warbands (David); and a secondary cavalry force on our right, with cataphracts (Gordon). The Romans deployed with all of their cavalry on their left (William), and two legions across the centre in triplex acies (Billy); Simon was in command of the rightmost legion facing me. The Romans made the mistake of advancing without prior preparation, while for some reason hanging back with their cavalry attack. This gave me the time to start to make headway, putting severe pressure on Simon's legion. When fighting did break out in our centre and right, Gordon dealt with the Roman cavalry. We were about to win when our infantry all ran away; at the same time, I crushed the Romans opposite me. A draw!

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