Saturday, 5 June 2010


These are Warlord Games plastic Gauls.  Simon won them in the painting competition at Carronade this year and passed them on to me.  I've painted them up to stand in for Ligurians at Zama, so no checks or stripes.  They are very nicely detailed, and look as though they are about to charge straight into action.  The only quibble I would have is that some of the poses are rather awkward in terms of fitting them all onto a standard size base, but I did manage.


  1. I like `em Paul. They are nicely detailed. Did you use a dip on them?

  2. Looking good! Did you give these fellows a touch of the dip? Cheers

  3. Hi guys, it's funny that you should both ask the same question - someone at Carronade also asked about the dip. I don't, though - I use inks (Rowney) diluted with water to 50%. Black ink for really dark colours and armour, brown for everything else. I'm going to use the technique on some Foundry Spartans I acquired already blocked in from someone at the club. Maybe I should do a series of photos to show how it works? It's pretty straightforward!

    Cheers for the comments

  4. Excellent work mate - they look awesome :)

  5. Cheers - I had a look at your ongoing blog revamp. It looks very good. For some reason I couldn't vote, though - the tick boxes were grayed out. I think I'll stay with this format just now, but your layout supports your different blog elements really well.

    How much work did it take?