Saturday 19 June 2010

Zama at Wappinshaw

Just a brief report.  We played Zama at Wappinshaw again today; the Romans won 4-1.  Both sides were pretty cagy, sending troops to support the cavalry on both wings.  The resulting attrition across the front worked in the Romans' favour.  Afterwards, William suggested that when we take the game to Claymore in August for its final outing, we should play it free form.  Same order of battle, but free deployment.  I must admit that I really like that idea.  It would be a nice way to finish off the series.  So far the Romans have won twice and one game has been a draw, so I think we have it balanced about right.  But it could be interesting to try it out in a different way.  I was too busy to take photos today, but I'll put on any that come my way, as we did with Carronade.

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