Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Empire Campaign Turn 11: 250-240 BC

This is the first turn after the midpoint victory calculation.  We have increased the major powers from four to six, adding Ptolemaic Egypt and India.  They can attack other provinces, but they don't accrue Victory Points.  We did this to add to the game's utility as a battle generator for Tuesday nights at the club.  Events in this turn led to a whole load of battles, in which only the Ptolemies of Egypt succeeded.  They now control Syria too.  The campaign map now looks like this:
The panorama image came out a bit squinty, but it serves well enough.  The random event for the start of Turn 12 sees Bactria rebelling against the Persians again.  First to go in this turn will be Persia, and they attack out from Parthia into Persia proper.  We'll use Bactrian Greek for them and Seleucids for the defence.


  1. looking forward to hearing more Paul always like a campaign.



  2. Hi Willie, good to hear from you. We'll get another game in and then nothing will happen for at least a month - holiday time with the kids...

    See you at Claymore, hopefully!

  3. The Campaign is still going strong and staying interesting. Good to see it flourishing, sometimes they can fizzle out so good to see this one keep going.

    Watching it with interest.


  4. Hi Rory, thanks for looking in on us. The main reason for it continuing may be sheer bloody-mindedness on my part. I'm determined to see it through! Also, it gives good matches for our Tuesday games, with results mattering a bit more than just a one-off.