Monday 6 June 2011

Unarmoured Roman Cavalry

These guys are Crusader Miniatures unarmoured Roman cavalry (28mm):
I wanted some of these to use as light cavalry for my Republican Roman army.
The horses are larger than the 1st Corps figures I used for the rest of the army, so I've based them on 5cm deep MDF rather than the usual 4cm.
This also gave me the space to pack a lot of stuff onto the bases.
As with the heavier cavalry, the shield designs are by Little Big Men, for Aventine Velites.  I gave them the same design to make them fit in well with the heavies.
I found these quite relaxing to paint, especially after all those legionaries.
Here they are charging across the plains.
And here they are, running away.  Probably after meeting some of Hannibal's Numidians.
I'm going to do another unit of twelve at one point, with red shields.
I made these guys slightly less regular than the heavies, helped by the different helmet crests.  I varied the helmet colours as well.
Crusader makes some useful figure types that are otherwise difficult to come by.  As well as these, they have Leves without shields for the earlier Camillan army's skirmishers.  If I were ever to paint an army from that period, I'd use these cavalry, ranked more closely.  But for the moment, I've had rather enough of Romans...


  1. Very nice Paul well done.


  2. "And here they are, running away"


  3. Unarmoured or not, I wouldn't want to run into those guys on a dark night. They have a certain air of grim determination about them. Nicely done!


  4. very, very, very (should I continue?) nice work. i like it

  5. Thanks for looking, folks. We'll see how they perform on their first outing next week against the Carthaginians - 1st Punic War battle in Sicily.

  6. Very nice...a determined looking unit..and the basing is great

  7. I am amazed at how "lively" your pictures look :)

  8. Lovely figs Paul. I really like the basing you have used on the figures as well

  9. And very nice they are too!!!!!