Friday, 3 February 2012

On the painting tray: February 2012

Slow progress continues to be made on Anne Boleyn in between batches of work on the Plataea project.  For that, I've just finished 24 hoplites for Willie, plus I have 36 plastic Immortal Miniatures hoplites in various stages of semi-preparedness.  These are also for Willie, and will be used for the Tegeans and their pals at Plataea.  I really like these figures, but I do find the gluing rather tedious.  My painting time is relatively limited, and spending large amounts of it constructing multi-part figures is a bit self-defeating.  This is not a criticism of these products, since I know that this is exactly the aspect that appeals to other gamers, but it does make them something of a chore for folks like me.  I don't mind doing it once every so often, though, and they do make a nice change from metals.  Ultimately, what matters is the end result.  Since I had the glue out anyway, I did the basic work on 36 Foundry Immortals plus a command base for my contribution to the cause of civilisation at Plataea.

Speaking of which, I'm also about to order the second of my three batches of cork for the table top.  I'm planning to paint as much of the figures as possible between now and the end of March, and then construct the battlefield itself.  If I can concentrate on that, it should be done relatively quickly.


  1. I must admit putting the figures together can be a chore but eventually their done....

  2. 24 hoplites is good work, Paul. I'm in the same camp as you regarding multipart figures. I grumble about having to attach shields and drill out spear hands, so as attractive as the finished articles are, there's no way I want to touch those plastics!

    Good luck, and your project sounds like it's going to be a real winner.

  3. Thanks, Aaron. As I get older, I find fiddly stuff annoying. I have tried to make some model kits over the last few years, and they were really hard. Just need to wait for the kids to grow a bit more...

  4. Well Paul, I have to go against the flow here as I enjoy the fiddly sticking together process needed for Immortal figs. I too have some hoplites on the go but haven`t got past the priming stage due to doing other stuff.

  5. Hi Geminian, I think I know waht you mean. This is not a cop-out, honest! Some of the folks at our club have said how they really like the variety these plastic sets give them as modellers. For example, the Immortal Miniatures hoplites come with many different heads, scabbards, and crests, in addition to the usual plethora of arm choices, shields and shield aprons.

    I can understand the appeal, but for me it's more a matter of getting finished figures onto the tabletop as quickly as I can within a limited time budget - is time a budget? Anyway, I appreciate other people's viewpoints, and I have enjoyed the occasional plastic set that comes my way as a bit of a change. I just don't see myself choosing plastics over metals as a matter of course.

    All of which could change if I get a new job overseas or something. I don't fancy taking metal figures through airport security checks at the moment!