Saturday, 10 March 2012

Immortal Miniatures Hoplites

Just finished basing this lot for Willie:
They are quite difficult to rank up properly on WRG standard bases, but I'm hoping that they look like a formidable shield-line.  I used a variety of transfers.
I also tried to vary the look of the body armour to make them seem as individual as possible.
I gave the officer types round shields with arms that I had left over from a load of Old Glory figures; one of them is third from the right in the photo above.
And here's how they look from behind.  I put all of the unarmoured guys in the rear rank.


  1. Yup they do look formidable. Great stuff!

  2. Excellent hoplites - the Immortal plastics are hard to beat, great over arm poses, really detailed and lovely transfers as well!