Tuesday 13 March 2012

The Persians hang on

...against the Indians.  This is just a short text report of a battle we played between Simon's Indians and the Bactrian Greeks who now rule the remnants of the Persian Empire in the campaign.  It was a real line 'em up and have a go type of fight, which the defending Bactrians just edged and no more.  The high points for me as the Indian commander were the effectiveness of our archery, which destroyed the Companions, and the better than usual performance of our cavalry.  But these weren't quite enough against the phalanx.  However, if we do play this one again I think I know how I will compose and deploy the army...

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  1. What's that old phrase: the wise general who wins earns nothing. The general who loses learns everything...

    I know I murdered it, but I couldn't remember the actual quote.