Saturday 8 December 2012

Empire Campaign 210-200 BC

This turn saw plenty of action:

  • At the highest point of \Hannibal's success in Italy, Sicily rebels from Roman control.
  • The Seleucids hold firm against an attack by the Bactrian Greeks to their east.
  • The Ptolemaics defeat an incursion by the Macedonians.
  • Scipo advances against Hannibal, who retreats before him.  In quick succession, Hannibal is thrown entirely out of Italy and Transalpine Gaul.
  • In a great battle in Iberia, Hannibal stems the Roman tide.  But for how long?
  • The Carthaginians and Romans both regroup for the next round of their grim struggle.
  • In the east, the Indians conquer Bactria (again!)
The map now looks like this.  Western half:
Eastern half:
The photos aren't great, because I covered the mapboard in plastic to protect it, but I hope they give an idea of how the strategic situation looks overall.  The deluxe components of the Lost Battles game are impressive, and expensive, so I want them to last as long as possible.

There are no appropriate rebellions to be applied for the next turn.  First up will see the Indians attempt to grind forward even further into Parthia.  Their opponents are still the Bactrian Greeks, but they won't have so many elite or heavy troops.


  1. sweet!

    nice idea to generate games!


  2. Hi Matt, it does work well as a battle generator. If you're interested, the original (cheap at £5.00!) cardstock version is still available from the society of ancients webstore:

    It's kept us going for quite a while now...