Saturday 12 January 2013

The Successors Slug it out - again

Tuesday evening saw the Macedonians and Ptolemaics exhaust each other once again in the campaign.  Graham and I played the former, Gordon and simon the latter.  The right half of both sides won convincingly, so it was the usual strategic draw.  No photos, because life was busy that day and I didn't find time to roll up terrain in advance, never mind dig out the camera.  Fortunately, I had already packed the figures the previous weekend.

Next up in the campaign is a large grudge match in Iberia as Scipio takes on Hannibal again.  We have scheduled that one for a week on Tuesday, although I may ask for a postponement because if I squeeze in an extra week or two, I will finish my Scutarii so they can join in.  Next week is Mark's refight of Hastings, so at the moment I'm sorting out the two armies for that one. It will make a nice change from the classical warfare we have been playing at the club.  I've also realised that the guys I'm using for the bulk of the Saxon army (not the Huscarls - too many axes!) will do at a pinch for pretty much any early medieval foot.  All I'll need to do is vary the banners.  The good thing about this is that I can use them as various types for Chalons.  More of which anon...


  1. Hastings? Chalons? Sounds like there's plenty happening there for you, Paul! Looking forward to seeing some more details.

    And as for Hannibal vs Scipio, can never get enough of that!


  2. Hi Aaron, one of the guys at the club (Mark Grindlay) seems to have become involved in discussions with the Society of Ancients about a project to document refights of various battles. I think this is in addition to the Battle Day, and presumably will lead to a Society publication of some kind. Anyway, as an initial tester the battle chosen has been Hastings, and since I have a load of old (very old!) early medieval figures, I volunteered to bring in the forces for it. They need work, though!

    Also, it turns out that we will be able to run Chalons this year, as we have done with the Society's battle Day game for the last few years now. Originally I had though it wouldn't be possible this time around due to shortage of useable figures, but it turns out that we can indeed scrape enough together between us, although they won't all look right. Again, these will mostly be old figures, but they'll do for an approximation.

    So yes, lots to do, and mostly unexpected as well!

  3. Ah, I know Mark Grindlay from a yahoo group or two. He was kind enough to supply me with a couple of articles some weeks ago, so please say thank you to him from me!

    It's surprising how often you can do a scenario that you really shouldn't have the figures for. Collecting widely, voraciously and with little planning perhaps does have its compensations after all ;-)

  4. Hi Aaron, will do. In fact, we're playing Hastings tomorrow evening, so I'll say hello for you. "Voracious" is a good word, by the way...