Wednesday 20 November 2013

Empire Campaign Update

This is long overdue.  Moving house has combined with recent disruption to the Phoenix Club, and the result is a long drawn out couple of turns in the campaign.  I didn't get a chance to update the information earlier because of a crashed computer at work (no scanner), but now things are approaching normal, so here goes.  What follows is a report of two turns combined:

180-170 BCE
  • Syria revolts from Ptolemaic control.  We ruled that this was due to a Galatian incursion, mainly because we want to use the Galatians on the tabletop.
  • The Syrian revolt is crushed by the Ptolemies.
  • The Indians destroy the last bastion of the Persian Empire.  We ruled that this would be the greatest extent of Indian expansion so as not to unbalance the basic campaign game any further.
  • The Romans defeat a Macedonian attack on Greece.
170-160 BCE
  • Gallia rebels from Roman control - basically, an incursion of tribes from the north.
  • The Ptolemies take Mesopotamia.
  • Gallia is forcibly restored to the Roman yoke.
  • The Romans attack Macedonia and are utterly crushed.
  • The Macedonians follow up with an attack into Greece, and eject the Romans with great gusto.
This takes us to the final turn of the game, and it has begun with Iberia rebelling from Rome.  The next game will be a Roman attempt to restore control there.  The campaign map now looks like this:
I don't have photos of the more recent games.  The light in my room is enough to see by, but photos turn out rubbish.  I will upgrade this in the New Year when awe are getting some more electricals done in the house, and hopefully that will mean business as usual...


  1. There are very few campaigns that come to a conclusion, and fewer still after so many huge battles! Quite an achievement, Paul!

  2. The final turn! That is a monumental effort. Well done to you all.


  3. Thanks for looking, guys. Sheer bloody mindedness has its uses!