Sunday 19 January 2014

Willie's photos

These are some shots taken by Willie of our first games at the 'new' premises:
Billy waiting patiently for the Napoleonic game to begin.  In the background is one of the bars.  There are three in total: one in each of the the halls for functions, and one that is open all the time.  There's also a pool/snooker room.
The same game a little later.
A full table shot of our chariot game, taken from an elevated seating area off to one side.  One the left are the forces of righteousness, i.e. Bill and I as the Egyptians.  Simon and Gordon are the Hittites.
A closer shot of our centre.  Just off at the bottom of the picture are two chariot units.  We have four Light Infantry units for the rough ground and then comes our main infantry line.  Bill ran these guys.  My command starts with a line of archers and then the ,majority of the chariots stretching off into the distance.
Over to the other side of the field for a low shot of the attacking Hittite chariots.
Finally, a long table shot from the same side as the previous one, showing the armies about to clash.  The waves of Hittite chariots crashed into my command, but a combination of judicious skirmishing with our lighter chariots plus the massed archery support held them off quite nicely, breaking up their attack so that I was (barely) able to deal with it piecemeal.  Bill crushed everything in front of him.  When the dust cleared, it was a major victory for Egypt.

I am still unreliable, so I won't be there next week, but it does look as though this will be the home of the Tactica portion of the Phoenix club for a while at least - there's plenty of space for our preferred large multi-player games.  We can normally accommodate up to eight players in one of these games - so if anybody out there fancies a visit and a game, do let us know.


  1. Fantastic figure collection on display here.


  2. Great looking battle...and chariots!

  3. Thanks for looking - Simon's chariot armies are rather glorious, and he doesn't get a chance to put them on the table as often as he would like.

  4. Great looking game and the new premises look pretty much up to scratch too. Plenty of ammenities.

  5. Fantastic looking games Paul! Always good to see Egyptians and Hittites in action. Your new premises looks good too.

  6. Hi guys, the premises certainly do the job. I can't claim the credit for the win, though - Bill just destroyed everything in sight!

  7. What a great venue! Another impressive looking game, too.


  8. Thanks, Aaron - long may it continue!