Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Campaign round-up

William rolled for what happened after the great defeat of the Romans by Macedon at the Battle of Ambracia in 149 BC.  That took us up to the winter months, and then I rolled for what happened next.  Overall, there is a gentle hum of background activity, mostly taking the form of resupply and reinforcement, but here are the main events:

Summer 149

  • Egypt annexes Marmarica
  • The Parthians invade Atropatene
  • The Romans build up their next army in Calabria to attack Macedon

Autumn 149

  • The Roman army in North Africa "pacifies" Byzacium in preparation for a grand assault on Carthage itself
  • Storms in Calabria prevent the Romans crossing the Adriatic in force - the next wave of invasion will need to wait until the spring
  • Atropatene is incorporated forcibly into the Parthian Empire
  • The Egyptians move into Libya

Winter 149

The various armies go onto winter quarters, and the more substantial empires begin to replenish their treasuries somewhat.

Spring 148

The Roman army in North Africa heads for Carthage, and encounters the defenders in full battle array.  The first battle of the 3rd Punic War is about to begin...


  1. Sounds just like the real thing, Paul! Did Livy record any omens in Rome following the defeat? Cows weeping blood, statues giving birth to two-headed chickens etc? Expiatory burning of unRomanly comfortable sofas, perchance?


  2. Hi Aaron, he probably did indeed. Or else he made it up! Most annoyingly, he probably wrote down information that assumed his readership knew what he meant, thus leaving everyone else trying to figure it all out for the next 2,000 years...and wargamers everywhere will be trying to simulate the pike versus pilum success in Epirus.

    The Romans will of course just raise more armies!