Thursday, 21 August 2014

Campaign Events: 141-138 BC

Here we go:

Autumn 141:  The Romans annexe Corsica and land in Crete. The Egyptians retire to Elymais after their epic battle against the Parthians, there to build up their strength again.
Spring 140:  The Romans move to Sardinia and annexe Crete.
Summer 140:  The Romans annexe Sardinia and "visit" Rhodes.

Autumn 140:  Rhodes "joins" the Roman Republic.

Spring 139:  The Roman army in the Western Mediterranean makes a glorious return to the capital.  These troops have conquered Carthage, Numantia, and Viriathus, and have also added the Baleares, Corsica and Sardinia to the growing might of the Republic.  Their triumph is well deserved and they are finally allowed to rest.  Meanwhile, the other consular army continues its tour of the Eastern Mediterranean with a landing in Euboea. At the same time, the Parthians finally stir themselves after recovering from their brutal campaign against the Ptolemaics, and advance their army into Tabiena.
Summer 138:  The Romans annexe Euboea.  A new consular army marches from Rome  into Dalmatia, where it becomes bogged down in guerilla warfare with the local tribes.  Further eastwards, the Parthians return to Carmania.

Autumn 139:  The Romans move to Lesbos and finally subjugate Dalmatia.  The Parthians re-incorporate Carmania into their empire.
Spring 138:  The Parthians return to Persis. The Romans annexe Lesbos and attack the Illyrians.

So that's it - a whole load of reorganising.  The Romans have picked up quite a bit more territory, and are about to try to extend their conquests.  They seem to be getting a bit of a taste for it.  There was at one point a 5 in 6 chance that an Indian army would make its appearance, but I blew the roll.  This will give the Parthians a bit more time to recover, which they are beginning to do.  So next up will be a Roman attack into the wilds of Illyria.  After the initial burst of enthusiasm, the great powers have settled into a pattern of vicious short term wars followed by long periods of retrenchment - that's three years without a single battle this time.  But the might of Rome is growing...

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