Thursday, 21 August 2014

The Illyrians

I have added the Illyrians to our non-standard armies on the Dies Martis campaign page.  Here is the list as a separate post in case anyone wants to have a more printer-friendly version:


0-10%:  Massed Cavalry
0-5%:  Light Horse with javelins
30-50%: Warriors
0-30%:  Thureophoroi
0-30%: Peltasts
3-6%: Skirmishers with javelins
0-2%: Skirmishers with sling
0-2%: Skirmishers with Bows

The Massed Cavalry must be medium types (FV 4-6 in Tactica), but any or all of them may be upgraded to Elite to represent the nobility.  The same goes for the Warriors, who are Warband types with Impetus. The Warbands can be in loose or close formation, whether or not any of them are elites. The Thureophoroi represent Greek influence, and are basically FV 4-6 medium foot with spears in close formation. The Peltasts can be either FV 3-6 or FV 4-6 to represent this particular speciality of the Illyrian tribes; they must be in loose formation.  The Illyrians were noted for especially high morale, hence the possibly high proportion of elite types.  Apart from these, everyone in the army is of standard veteran quality.

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