Monday 27 April 2015

Gordon's English Civil War

In between ancients campaign battles, we have started playing other things at the club. I've never been especially interested in the English Civil War, but both Billy and Gordon have armies, and Billy also has his special carpet tile terrain - so why not? Anyway, Gordon is writing some rules, so it's time for a little playtest:
 The first photo shows the two armies deployed as a full table shot from one of the flanks.
I played the left of one of the playtest forces.
Here are my regiments of foot debouching to face the advancing enemy.
And here they are starting to engage. My shooting was excellent, my opponent's was rubbish, and then when I and Billy to my right charged in we got hammered. A good playtest. These photos are Billy's figures, and very fine they are too - Essex 15mm, if I remember correctly.


  1. Lovely job and scenery. Gordon uses 15mm!?...He's as dedicated to 15 as I am to 20.

    1. Hi Simon, thanks for looking - hope to see you at Carronade with an impressive sand table...

  2. Great stuff. And wow. Those carpet tiles are very cool!

  3. Nice looking battle....and period to play!

  4. Thanks for looking, guys. Billy's carpet tiles have attracted a lot of interest.