Saturday, 7 November 2015

Veteran Legion for Pharsalus

This is the first legion I've managed to finish since coming to Cheltenham. Figures are almost all Companion Miniatures.
Casualties are by Warlord Miniatures, as are some of the command. I find plastics really good for showing those who are hors de combat, and I have now bought enough boxes of them to be able to put together some command bases as well. Always useful...
I've used various shields I had lying around. Companion made some really nice embossed ones, and even though I didn't have enough of one type to equip a full legion, I felt that a varied look would suit veterans. Some unadorned ones are in the mix as well.

This takes my total for the year to 348 infantry; 38 cavalry; 12 battle camels; a chariot and crew; and two Indian elephants and crew. Not bad, considering I've moved to another country. I do have quite a few figures in various stages of completion still sitting in Glasgow, including another legion, but it will be a while before I can finish those.


  1. Looks like a endless supply of Companion miniatures . Agreed,lovely embossed shields . Well done

    1. Hi Joes, I do have quite a few. I'm trying to paint as many as I can for Pharsalus, but any I might have left over afterwards are already spoken for!

  2. Excellent veterans Paul, the Companion range is still one of the best around.

  3. Agreed! I am going to keep going until I run out of them. It could take a while...